Welcome to Atso-Cad Models, a new venture for the design and retail of N Gauge model railway kits.

Feel free to explore our site, which we hope will expand further as our product line develops. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions for new kits please do not hesitate to contact us!

Latest News

Happy New Year!

I am looking at Atso-Cad Models planned 2014 range of 3D printed models. Our provisional list of models is as follows:


Standard 3MT


Peppercorn K1

Gresley K2

Gresley K4






Original Condition Royal Scott

Stanier 4P 2-6-4T

Ivatt Class 4


K Class

P Class

H Class




Please note that this is our provisional list depending on how well the chosen prototypes fit the donor chassis and is subject to change if required. I am happy to entertain suggestions for other models but please remember that I also have a day job and this list is already quite ambitious! 


Atso-Cad Models is pleased to announce our latest 3D printed loco body: The Fowler Patriot.


(Note: tender not included) 

Also the N2 has been redesigned to fit a modified Graham Farish 3MT chassis.


Please visit our products page for further information. 


Due to changes in personal circumstance, production of the LNER Dia. 120 Passenger Full Brake kit has been suspended. At present I am unable to commit sufficient time or resources to manufacture this kit and I am presently unable to comment on when this situation is likely to change.

I apologise to those of you who are still waiting to purchase a kit and I can assure you that I share your frustrations.

While I am unable to commit much time to Atso-Cad Models, I am determined that the business will continue to operate in some format for during this difficult period. Therefore I have made several of my CAD models available to purchase as 3D prints directly from Shapeways. My Shapeways shop can be found at: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/Atso-CadModels

You will need to sign up to Shapeways and possess a PayPal account to purchase these models. Shapeways will usually supply the model within ten working days. Postage and packaging is a flat rate of 8 Euros.

Presently available are:

  • LNER Thompson L1 body
  • LNER Gresley K3/3 loco and tender body
  • LNER Gresley N2 body
  • LNER Bogie Brick Wagon
  • LNER Group Standard Tender
Further information on these products can be found here.

Please note that these models usually require some light sanding to gain the best surface finish before painting. 

A short article on the post finishing process of a 3D print has just been posted in the Workbench section of the site. Follow this link to view.